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I feel so hip and trendy after finally figuring out how to set this section up on my website!  This will be a place where I will post some of my more recent works for clients so I don't have to keep bugging my webmaster,  Dave
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Karmel is Returning to the CORPORATE WORLD

So I'm going back to work FULL-TIME back in advertising.  It's something I've thought about for months and Jamie and I felt it was time.

We really feel I need it.  We really feel like our whole family will be much happier because of it.

I wanted to work for this company in SLC for a while now...I was a former client years ago...so I called up my old boss who sent them a very nice e-mail about me...I received an e-mail the next day from the company requesting my resume...

I went in for an interview 2 days later...went in for a second interview the following week..got the offer 2 days later.  It happened in a matter of like 10 days upon my decision to go for it.

Our nanny starts tomorrow even though I don't start until next week.

But because of this, I can't really do Karmel Design stuff anymore...I've had enough on my plate even before getting this new job...so something's gotta give.  

But it's been really fun doing Karmel Design...that doesn't mean I won't continue to craft...I still will *someday*...hmmm...perhaps I should start updating my OWN scrapbooks?  The last Harper scrapbook was 2005!!  Yeah I'm a tad behind.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm still HERE!!

It's been such a crazy March and April and my lonely blog has been ignored too much.

Even though I haven't been marketing Karmel Design much in the last couple of months, I'm still getting orders through my Etsy shop.  We're still in our dinky rental with absolutely NO ROOM to craft so I just can't devote too much time (and space) to it right now.  

BUT...the exciting news is that the painters are at our new house right now - painting the interior which includes my VERY OWN CRAFT ROOM!  I'm so excited!  The finish carpenters installed some great shelves and a large wrap around table and it's just PERFECT!  Pictures will come soon...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I met Mr. Olympia...Jay Cutler

The man is GIGANTIC!  We went to see a good friend compete at the NPC Utah Bodybuilding Championships over the weekend with the current Mr. Olympia (a title that Arnold Shwarzenegger made famous), Jay Cutler.  While it was fun to see Jay pose on stage (he really brought the house down!), the real treat was to see our friend take home a trophy!  He placed 5th out of a VERY COMPETITIVE class of 10 (Heavy Open Category).

Seeing all those amazingly fit bodies definitely inspired me even more to keep working hard at the gym!  (And continue to eat CLEAN!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Real Castle...the final weeks!

Our home is still under construction but we're in the midst of the fun part now...within the next few weeks, the trim will be completed, cabinetry will be installed, floors will be installed, and the walls will be painted.  

Hopefully we'll be "IN" by Mother's Day when my parents are planning on coming up to visit.

It's been quite the project!  Stressful but fun.

Jessica's Marshmallow Castle

I don't know why, but for some reason, the pic I took of Jessica's castle wasn't coming up on my last post so here it is...

I've neglected my lonely blog for so long that I failed to see the requests for this pic!  

It was so unlike me NOT to take a pic on the night she completed it so I took the opportunity to snap a shot during her 4th Grade Medieval Activity.  All of the 4th Graders have been working for weeks to earn "knighthood".  On Medieval Day, they all got knighted by a "king" and enjoyed Medieval type festivities (including eating food without utensils - Remember Medieval Times??).  She brought the castle home a few days later and it sat on our kitchen table for a few days until I noticed that the marshmallows were disappearing.

Were my kids EATING the crusty hardened chunks of pure sugar?  Of course.  Alas, the castle is in a landfill somewhere in Utah.

Jessica's Marshmallow Castle

Saturday, March 1, 2008

February Zoomed By

It's been a while since I updated my blog...February was a BLUR!

I had a great time exhibiting at the Oh Sweet Sadie! Boutique a few weeks ago.  The place was PACKED!  It was a very good turnout.  I am always impressed by the amazing talent that Utah women possess - as evidenced by the unique and beautiful things that were available at the boutique.

While I couldn't be at the boutique myself as we had a family ski trip to Deer Valley that weekend, a lot of people saw my stuff and I received some great feedback.

Since the boutique, I decided to take a break from crafting and obsessing over my business so I concentrated on other things - like getting back to the gym (that was long overdue!), volunteering for the kids' school activities, and keeping busy with our house construction. Since I don't have a dedicated craft space...or any space at all with our tiny duplex rental right now, it's quite a challenge to craft sometimes!  But our new house will have plenty of space and a craft room and craft closet JUST FOR ME! 

And of course...wouldn't ya know it...once I decide to take a break from the business and chill a bit from it, the orders and inquiries started to pour in!  

Thank you to my clients - old  and new - for your support and recommendations.   So much of my business is from word-of-mouth so I really appreciate your kind words and sharing my work with your friends and family!